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Transformational Wellness for 2021 & Beyond

Preidlhof is a multi award-winning Wellness Destination located in Naturno, South Tyrol, Italy.

Privately owned, Preidlhof has carved out a first-class reputation as a holistic, preventative and medical health retreat for guests aged 16 years and over.

Preidlhof is steadfast in its commitment to research and to the continual innovation and investment in its wellness talent, facilities and services.   In September 2019, the arrival of award-winning Spa Director, Designer and Transformational Wellness Coach, Patrizia Bortolin, heralded an innovative new wellness concept and 360° makeover.

The new wellness philosophy, ‘The Preidlhof Way’ has seen the introduction of twelve new Transformational Wellness Retreats,  and new signature Rituals and treatments, signature food philosophy and menu design, new Wellness VIP lounge, new fitness and beauty concepts, and new Preidlhof cosmetic line.  Renovations have been undertaken to the Spa Treatment area and some of the public areas, and there is a new secluded outdoor Mediterranean pool experience.  For the first time, trauma healing is included in wellness programmes.

Recognised in numerous awards worldwide, Preidlhof has been a Best Spa Award category winner in both the Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards.  Most recently, Tatler Spa Guide 2020 recognised Preidlhof as the Spa ‘Best for Unleashing Joy’ and Stefano Battaglia was named among the ‘5 Best Healers in the World.’  Preidlhof was also recognised as one of the ‘30 Best Spa Destinations in the World’ in the Condé Nast Traveler (US) Readers’ Choice 2020 Awards.

In February 2020, Preidlhof was the first Wellness & Spa facility in the world to receive ISO 17679 certification. This recognised the highest levels of hygiene, sustainability and quality of services provided.


Transfers can be arranged from Innsbruck Airport in Austria, or Verona and Venice Airports in Italy. There is a free shuttle service from Naturno Station to Preidlhof.   Preidlhof also provides free underground parking for guests.


The Preidlhof Way balances the twin ‘souls’ of the Resort as well as the dual character traits and heritage of the Valley and Region.  Located on the 46° Parallel where the Mediterranean begins, the Resort is situated in the mountains and enjoys a mild climate all year-round.  In this unique micro climate, palm, lemon and olive trees thrive alongside high mountains often covered in snow.

Preidlhof is situated in the Texel Group National Park, South Tyrol’s largest Nature Park, and an endless array of hiking and biking trails, fitness and outdoor adventure possibilities are all directly accessible from the Resort.

South Tyrol is an autonomous Italian Region comprising a mix of Italian and Germanic culture.  These contrasting styles and characteristics are very perceptible: a teutonic blend of efficiency and precision twinned with Italian flair and a more laid-back approach; introversion and empathy coupled with extroversion; and an Austrian kitchen with a love for Italian cuisine.



The spa is the pulsing heart of Preidlhof.  Two virtual paths cross in pursuit of authentic and profound well-being.  The first one, in pursuit of pleasure, beauty and a pleasant external realisation. The other, following the paths of knowledge, emotional experiences – a self-odyssey journeying from one’s roots towards one’s inner “demon”.    Aristotle described these two paths as “Hedonic“ and “Eudaemonic“, the convergence of both said to bring about a complete and satisfying self-realisation and the rediscovery of new inner energy.

The Preidlhof Way draws its inspiration from the latest neuroscience research and the complete definition of happiness described in this balance of hedonic and eudaemonic well-being. The “Preidlhof Way” embodies the correct balance between the pillars of “Pleasure & Enjoyment” and “Healing & Value”. For it is here that we discover a more mindful, more meaningful way of life: a life that is authentic and makes us more compassionate to ourselves, to others and to the environment.

Many wellness seekers focus their time and energy looking for just one pillar of relaxation and health. They don’t strive for balance, they just want to enjoy their vacation and relax. Most of the time, they indulge themselves in eating more and sleeping longer. Other guests follow a strict diet and want to lose weight, they stick rigidly exercise and schedules. These guests, with their focus on diagnostics and fear of illness, disconnect completely from others.

Neither of these approaches is beneficial on its own and Preidlhof integrates elements of both to achieve a balance and natural flow that enables one to blossom.


“The Preidlhof Way” approach is evidence-based, the result of years of research and testing with consistent, measurable results.   Running like a golden thread through the entire resort, the philosophy is incorporated in all aspects of daily life, in all interactions, experiences and treatments offered to guests. In the architecture also, there is an interplay of Hedonic and Eudaemonic aspects.

Every stay offers the opportunity for personal regeneration with a holistic approach to complementary, medical and preventive health.

“The aim is to attain true well-being through a hedonistic approach to the present and a more eudaemonic approach to the past and future.”

Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Director, Spa Designer & Transformational Wellness Coach


The Resort offers twelve signature retreats based on the principles of Transformational Wellness: to stimulate guests physically, energetically, spiritually, psychologically, socially and emotionally:

  • Integrated Healing
  • Transformational Journey
  • Glowing Flow
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Weight Loss Body & Mind
  • Energy & Healing x 2
  • Wellness x 2
  • Ayurveda by Nisha
  • Modern Relaxation
  • Three Pillars of Health
  • Menopause
  • Sleep Better

Each programme is highly personalised and the guest experience is tailored according to what each individual seeks, their stage in life, and what he or she is ready to integrate.  The same experience can be very different for each person.

There are some extraordinary, highly-skilled healers who are otherwise difficult to encounter in the wellness sector.  They are given the space and support they need to bring about important changes.

Mindful eating sessions combined with sensory analysis provide experiences that can be insightful, entertaining and inspiring.

Special classes are offered exclusively for guests who are booked on the retreats, including mindfulness, sensory eating experience, mindful eating, dance therapy, forest bathing, barefoot meditation, sensory experiences, yoga nidra, laughter yoga, Dao Yin yoga, cosmetic rejuvenation, sound therapy and cleansing rituals with alpine herbs.

Further highlights include experiences in self-awareness, transformation of quality of sleep and movement, the attainment of a happier and more creative life through colour, sensuality, trauma healing and ancient healing methods.

All beauty treatments and services are designed and personalised exclusively for Preidlhof, including the rituals and massages.

The traveller’s mindset is to be transformed from one of expectation, entertainment and aspiration into one that is enriched, enlivened and fulfilled. This entails completing a questionnaire before arrival, interactions during the retreat and the final consultation. Guiding guests on their journey is Patrizia, highly specialized in Transformational Wellness, and the full circle of healers.


Preidlhof’s outstanding SPA team, trained in innovative holistic techniques and sustainability, consists of experienced therapists who specialise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, trauma management and complementary medicine. The team includes the internationally-renowned therapist Stefano Battaglia, also known as “the shaman” and one of Tatler Spa Guide 2020’s ‘5 Best Healers in the World‘; Martin Kirchner, a specialist in ancient healing methods; and Dr. Med. Alexander Angerer who specialises in complementary medicine and oversees and integrates all experiences.

The environment is multicultural and cross-generational with solid foundations in the oldest therapeutic disciplines and the latest scientific findings. Psychologists, mindfulness trainers, yoga teachers, transformational coaches, qualified holistic masseurs and beauty therapists are also part of the Spa team.


The Resort and its surrounding area play a central role, not just in terms of facilitating the opportunity to wander and discover, but also in their transformative power that is enhanced through mystical forest baths with leading expert Irmgard Moosmair (74).  Personalized smoke baths are made with resins, herbs and barks, collected according to the individual needs of each guests.   Irmgard is passionate about nature, she has a wealth of knowledge and she likes to share her wisdom with the new generation.

Here, the silence of the natural environment is promoted and prized as part of an evolutionary way of life. The mix of cultures that characterise South Tyrol offer an opportunity to deal with the unexpected and to embrace differences, etc.  Time and space are integrated into the experiences as well as precious time alone, in solitude.  So is immersion in nature and landscapes that inspire awe, amazement; the emotions associated with healing and documented in Positive Psychology studies.


Cuisine is a highlight of every stay and Preidlhof’s Restaurant has been awarded three toques by Gault Millau. Guests enjoy local products and regional delicacies, much of which Preidlhof cultivates and harvests itself.

Guests booked on a retreat enjoy a series of special experience sessions based on mindful eating and sensory analysis. For the first time, these two approaches are combined and integrated into a culinary experience.

Why?  Because in every destination spa, guests are told to eat according to the locally supported nutrition plan, medical expert or philosophy. This often leads to only certain foods being advocated, others excluded, fasting, or adhering to unsustainable and out-dated dietary doctrines.  Often the advice is contradictory, for example: eat only raw food, consume only cooked food, avoid meat, include more protein in the form of lean meat, etc.  Often guests stick to a strict wellness / detox menu during their vacation and then have to start all over again at home.

The aim of the “Preidlhof Way” is to revitalise the pleasure factor in the eating experience, to train the senses, to promote perception and body awareness, to achieve longer lasting, health benefits.  It is not just what we eat, but why we eat, how and where.  Do I chew properly?  Are my senses trained to their full potential, to smell, taste, and to describe?   Do I know the 7 types of hunger?

These experiences are passed on by Patrizia directly as well as the spa therapists and healers, all of whom have a strong background in health and prevention.  Each further personalises their sessions according to their values and individual passions.

They have all undergone in-depth training led by Slow Food experts, psychologists and wellness experts.  These experts are also Patrizia’s teachers and are living examples of integrity, humanity and joie-de-vivre. Experts in their field, they incorporate a lot of practical experience in the sessions to offer each guest a profound and enchanting experience.


The real leap forward is in the new tasting menu, the Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu, offered to guests at dinner. This menu was created by Emanuele Giorgione, internationally renowned Healing Chef, together with Vlastimil Stava, Preidlhof‘s award-winning chef and Dr. Alexander Angerer, Preidlhof’s in-house medical doctor.  Predominantly wholefood and plant-based and created to appeal to all the senses, the dinner is free of gluten, lactose, egg, soy, and sugar.  The menu changes every evening and comprises seven courses incorporating ingredients according to the season.  Guests have the opportunity to try every creation in 49 recipes.


Guests enjoy the Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu in a dedicated wellness restaurant, the Wellness VIP Lounge and this has an eco-décor with clean, white tones.  Tables are arranged with views over the valley and the background music matches the mindful eating experience.  Food suggestions on the tables are all carefully considered and there is a strict environmentally-friendly, zero plastic policy.


Set within beautiful landscaped grounds with breath-taking views, Preidlhof’s impressive 5000m² of wellness space includes the Sonnenschlössl with its stunning new Rooftop Infinity Sport Pool (opened in April 2019), the DolceVita Lodge, the Sauna Tower, and the Spa Reception and Treatment Rooms.

Throughout the property, there are numerous relaxation spaces to ensure that each guest finds his or her “place of the heart”, a place for quiet contemplation, to escape, to lose or find oneself.

There are several in-and outdoor pools, and the six-floor Sauna Tower features 16 different sauna and relaxation experiences, the Spa Reception and 14 treatment rooms are centrally located on the ground floor overlooking the central pool and relaxation area, and adjacent to the gym.  The treatment rooms are all spacious and decorated in light colours, the vast majority enjoying natural daylight.  There are treatments dedicated to couples, including a private Spa Suite.  

Preidlhof’s landscaped gardens are infused with the scent of 50 lemon and olive trees, cypresses and aromatic herbs from all over the world, an evocative guide to rekindle memories, emotions and new sensations.

The Healing Power of Water 

The elements of Water and Fire feature in different areas of the Spa:  There are 6 swimming pools

and 5 hot tubs/hydrotherapy pools, including:

  • Infinity saltwater pool – on the fifth floor of the Sauna Tower with sensational views of the valley and mountains
  • Infinity sports pool – situated on the top of the Sonnenschlössl with a 360° view and for that sensation of ‘jumping into the void’
  • Panoramic outdoor pool – with an inside-outside tunnel and a year-round temperature of 34°c
  • Outdoor summer pool – in use from March to November
  • ‘The Fifties’ indoor pool evoking the glamour and fun of the 1950s.  The pool integrates the Five Elements in its design and has a relaxation area with spa pods and swing loungers
  • Hidden Mediterranean Pool and sauna – new outdoor experience for 2021
  • An outdoor salt-water hot tub in the Sauna Tower area adjacent to a Kneipp path and outdoor relaxation area
  • Hydrotherapy pool in the Schwarzbrenner Spa

The Sauna Tower – A Pillar of Positive Energy

The beautiful contemporary six-floor Sauna Tower was purposely built vertically to make the most of the 360° views of the surrounding orchards, hills, the Vinschgau Valley and Ortler Mountains.  A Geomantic Report was commissioned to inform the tower’s precise placement, angle and design. Scoring 9,600 units on the Bovis scale, the report confirmed what had been felt and reported by guests for many years: the tower is located in a natural high-energy field.

There are 16 different sauna, steam and relaxation spaces and experiences, including the world’s only Deep Sea Relaxation Room, awarded an Spa Innovation prize.   There is also a 100 square metre large Functional Fitness Hall with numerous activities and sessions on offer.

Here, the element of fire reigns supreme.

7 Sauna & Steam Experiences: 

  • Panorama Events Sauna – sauna infusions with a certified sauna master and celebrated

‘Aufguss’ Sauna shows (daily at 5.00pm) for a heightened sensory experience

  • Olive sauna – a biosauna in olive wood with herbs. Large panoramic windows overlook the orchards. Temperature is 60°
  • Turkish Bath – rituals and treatments immersed in a room with 45% humidity and saline


  • 5 Element Sauna – purifying sauna with central chimney and clay walls; feet are immersed in

water.  Temperature is 60°

  • Schwarzbrenner Sauna – outdoor sauna between the pools and in the middle of the Relaxation Garden.  Temperature is 60°
  • Salt Lounge –for deep relaxation with infrared beds and walls coated in Himalayan salt
  • Wine Sauna – recalling the South Tyrolean cellars with the scent of eucalyptus, originally used to work the barrels.  Temperature is 35°

6 Relaxation Spaces: 

  • Panoramic Terrace – soak up the sun and immerse in nature
  • “Deep Sea Room – a 3-dimensional sensory experience for deeper relaxation combining innovative visual effects with sound
  • “Place of power” relaxation room – relax and replenish with pure energy
  • Vitamin Lounge – a variety of healthy snacks in a relaxing environment
  • White Silence Lounge – perfectly quiet
  • Fire Lounge – with open fireplace

Sauna Masters are true artists when it comes to mastering heat and essential oils.  They are expert therapists who can make the Sauna Tower journey for guests a profoundly detoxing and healing experience.  All trained as Sauna Masters ,they are also psychologist, naturopathic doctor and Kneipp Therapists.

To avoid the spread of bacteria, the release of chemicals, and for a greater sense of freedom, the sauna is to be enjoyed without bathing costume and solely with the cotton towels provided.

The Preidlhof Medical Concept is science and evidence-based, combining the latest advances in complementary medicine and a deep knowledge of individual dynamics.  All treatment programmes are tailored to individual needs.

The Med Spa team is coordinated by Dr. Med. Alexander. Angerer, a South Tyrolean doctor specialising in complementary medicine and trained in Austria. A strong advocate for health prevention, he was one of the pioneers in integrating complementary medicine in an oncology clinic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a major inclusion and the range goes from full health checks with a meridian diagnosis and nutritional advice, to acupuncture and homoeopathy. Additional medical check-ups are available as well as allergy and DNA tests.  Osteopaths can also be consulted and aesthetic medicine is also on offer.

The new Transformational Wellness Programmes integrate the expertise of the Medical Spa Team.  In Preidlhof’s Holistic Fitness Retreats, guests have a consultation with Dr. Med. Angerer in which they can measure and assess their ability to regenerate, the quality of their sleep and the energy level of various organs; this enables them to ascertain the most effective times to exercise, to rest or to work.

In-depth measurements of body composition using the latest medical technology can also reveal the biological age of guests and monitor the effects of their lifestyle on the body.  This information is used to evaluate the effectiveness of any particular programme, and to customise further as required.

The 7-day Holistic Fitness Retreat also includes in-depth Sleep Tracking for the duration of the stay by means of a comfortable wearable technology directly connected to a Laboratory where Sleep Experts evaluate results and share feedback.

A Coach, trained by experts from sleep clinics, guides guests on a simple but sophisticated journey, to check and review the quality of their night’s rest. Guests receive insights into what is happening during their sleep cycle, how it can affect their life, and advice as what they can immediately do to improve the quality of their sleep.

Preidlhof has created its own line of cosmeceuticals which are locally produced and incorporated into a range of treatments.  Suitable for all skin types, these cosmetics contain a high percentage of active ingredients to deliver visible, long-lasting results after the first treatment.  The products are vegan and free of parabens, paraffin, SLS and SLES.

The 2021 beauty offering at Preidlhof also includes a worldwide exclusive cosmetic line that embraces the health and wellness aesthetics of the Su-Man method, created by and named after the famous facialist and beauty guru.  There is also a line of cosmetics based on the powerful benefits of thermal water recognized for its effectiveness in the treatment of skin problems such as dermatitis and psoriasis… in collaboration with the Terme di Comano.

All beauty treatments and services (*) are designed and personalised exclusively for Preidlhof, including the rituals and massages. 


Passionate about hospitality and wellbeing, Klaus Ladurner and his wife, Monika, are the second generation of the family to run Preidlhof. Their two daughters are also involved in the hotel business and Klaus’ parents Josef and Rosa are regularly in the hotel or out on the hotel’s farm. Here, speck ham is smoked, fresh fish is caught and schnapps is distilled. “Preidlhof has offered warm hospitality and the highest quality at all levels for generations,” says Klaus Ladurner. The three generations tirelessly work to further develop their hotel and to create and introduce innovations. “Our aim is to be a pioneer in the spa and wellness arena and to provide our guests with a wholly transformative and memorable experience.”


Cuisine is a highlight of every stay and Preidlhof’s Restaurant has been awarded three toques by Gault Millau.

Preidlhof’s close relationship with the gastronomic culture and traditions of South Tyrol enables it to offer guests a series of zero carbon products.  The Resort grows, cultivates and harvests many of the local products and regional delicacies themselves in the direct relationship between agriculture, cooking and the art of transformation.

All meals at Preidlhof are included in the price of the stay, including:

  • An extensive breakfast served daily including a wide variety of hot and cold options, an organic selection, a vast array of teas as well as a health food corner and “vitamin bar”.
  • A healthy buffet lunch served daily from 2:00pm – 5:00pm, enabling guests to fit this around spa treatment schedule, fitness and outdoor activities.
  • In the evenings:Retreat Guests enjoy the Gourmet Wellness Healing Menu in the Wellness VIP Lounge.
  • Designed in conjunction with Mindful Eating experts, this fine dining experience blends the principles of a Mediterranean Diet and Italian and South Tyrolean influences.  The menu is predominantly wholefood and plant based with ingredients according to the season, and free of gluten, soya added-sugar and lactose.

Guests not participating in an individual health programme or on a retreat are offered a seven-course gourmet dinner in the dining room.

Preidlhof has 71 rooms and suites and every room offers breath-taking views of the valley and mountains.  All the suites feature loggias and some have their own whirlpool and private sauna. The penthouse suites each have an outdoor cinema and the Luxury Penthouse Suite Dolce Vita Premium also has a private pool.   Preidlhof’s dedicated Dream Well Suite won an Innovation Award at the European Health and Spa Awards.

The rooms embrace the outdoors to take advantage of the 315 days of sunshine a year.  All rooms have a balcony or terrace and several rooms also offer the possibility of sleeping outside in the fresh clear air, day or night. The high-quality furniture is made from local wood.

“A good night’s sleep is essential to being able to fully relax on holiday,” says Mr. Ladurner. He engaged a sleep consultant to ensure guests the most restful experience. “We have special mattresses and for each one a menu of mattress covers and pillows.” Sleep well tea, ear plugs and sleep masks form part of the essential kit for each room. “At night we turn off the wireless connection to ensure electromagnetic-free sleep in all rooms – only the isolated bathroom light turns on automatically when needed. For those who wish, in every room we offer the opportunity to sleep outside under the stars, in the fresh, clear night air “.


Guests are encouraged to get moving more and aside from a full schedule of inclusive fitness classes, hiking and biking opportunities, guests are also able to enjoy the beautiful natural assets.  The Parcines waterfalls are just five minutes away and there is wild forest bathing in Lake Vernago and other places according to the seasons.

Activities such as hiking, mountain biking and Nordic walking are easy to access and the Texel Group Nature Park is on the doorstep.

There are more than twelve guided biking tours (from easy to challenging) and four guided hikes weekly.

Nordic walking equipment is available free of charge including backpacks, rain protection, GPS devices, mountain, racing and trekking bikes, helmets, water bottles etc.

Preidlhof’s coaches and guides are all highly experienced and this inclusive programme is free of charge for guests.

There are quads and trikes for hire, as well as the iconic and complimentary yellow Vespas.   Guests can also rent Preidlhof’s sporty yellow Porsche Cabrio.

South Tyrol leads Italy in sustainability and environmental standards, and Preidlhof aspires to go over and above. As well as obtaining the coveted Tyrol-Alto Adige Ecological Quality Label, Preidlhof is the first facility in the world to receive ISO Wellness certification for its commitment to sustainability.

Measures designed to protect nature and respect the environment include using low environmental impact detergents; using locally-sourced materials including wood for the in-room furniture; using energy saving light bulbs; solar heating the pool; and minimising light pollution at night. Preidlhof’s close relationship with the gastronomic culture and traditions of South Tyrol enables it to offer guests a series of zero carbon products.  The Resort grows, cultivates and harvests many of the local products and regional delicacies themselves in the direct relationship between agriculture, cooking and the art of transformation.

The Resort also participates in international initiatives for the promotion of sustainable tourism activities.



  • The Italy Prestige Awards “Luxury Spa Hotel of the Year”
  • Holidaycheck Special Award 2021 “Most Appreciated Hotel In Italy”


  • The Top Ten Energy Healer Awards 2020: Winner – Stefano Battaglia
  • Destination Deluxe Awards 2020: 3rd “Wellness Retreat of the Year”
  • Destination Deluxe Awards 2020: Winner “Holistic Treatment of the Year” with Glowing Flow
  • Tatler SPA Guide 2020: “Best for Unleashing Joy”
  • Tatler SPA Guide 2020: Stefano Battaglia among the “5 Best International Healers”
  • Condé Nast Traveler (US) Reader’s Choice Awards: “Best 30 Spa Resorts of the World”
  • Condé Nast Traveller (UK) SPA GUIDE: Best Spas in the world
  • Active Hotel Awards 2020: Best Mountain Sport category winner


  • Tatler Spa Awards: Best Spas in the World, individual category winner
  • Condé Nast Traveller (UK) Spa Awards: Individual category winner
  • TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice
  • Wellness Heaven Award
  • European Health and Spa Awards: “Best Destination Spa”, runner-up

Forest Bathing

​​Forest bathing, Outdoor wellness activities

Irmgard our certified guide, herbal / aromatherapy expert with a life spent in the woods, will guide employees and guests into a forest bathing experience around the property. A mindful eating exercise, kneipp therapy and meditation will be included in the experience. 2 hours

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