Sisterhood Agenda

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Owings Mills, United States

Sisterhood Agenda is a global, award-winning nonprofit organization with the mission to educate, support, and empower women and girls.

Sisterhood is a powerful force for positive social change. Sisterhood Agenda offers partnerships, training, programs, holistic housing, and products.

Sisterhood Agenda’s global sisterhood includes over 6,000 global partners in 38 countries. Local areas of operations include Baltimore County and the Virgin Islands.


Essentials for Healing

Learn the basics of what you need to assist you in your healing journey for ultimate health and wellness.

Move Your Body

Body awareness and movement is essential to maintain our energy and capacity to be active in life. Learn to execute 4 simple tips for a more active lifestyle.

How You Relax

What brings you inner peace and a sense of calm? Identify what activities and environments promote your most relaxed state.