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Woodside, United States

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Canyon Ranch is the original wellness resort with properties in Tucson, AZ, Lenox, MA and Woodside CA. Fitness, Spa, Mental Health, Spiritual Wellness, Culinary and Creative's all here!

The Woodside, CA property was opened in 2019 and we commit ourselves to leading individuals to their well way of life. Immerse yourself in Wellness for this World Wellness Weekend.


Inner Peace & World Peace Meditation

This 45-minute class offers a serene and transformative experience. Through guided meditation, participants will explore the connection between cultivating a sense of peace within themselves to then radiate it outward to help create a more peaceful world.

Power Fitness

It's time to torch calories, build strength, boost endurance, move better, and increase your energy using cardio machines, multi-dimensional strength exercises and plyometric bursts.

QiGong in the Forest

Bring your practice into the redwoods with this ancient Chinese form of exercise which includes graceful flowing movements that integrate mind and body, control breathing, and generate internal energy and mindfulness within us.