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At Banya No.1, we take wellness to the next level. Our exhilarating thermal experience combines ancient wellness rituals, authentic facilities and a bespoke service. Based on the thermal cycle of hot, cold, rest, and repeat – a centuries-old wellness tradition practised in Northern Europe – our experience will leave you feeling reborn.

We will guide you through temperature extremes and the Parenie ritual – an invigorating thermal treatment involving bunches of birch, oak and eucalyptus leaves, followed by an icy-cold plunge.

Scrubs, body wraps, masks and traditional massages are all performed using strictly natural ingredients. The experience comes complete with our culinary Nordic delights and healthy organic drinks that help you to maintain electrolyte balance.

Banya No.1 – Hoxton features the Public Banya (perfect for small groups and solo visits) and our Private Spa suite, TAIGA, which can accommodate up to 10 people and is ideal for parties and special occasions.

Our thermal wellness adventure is ideal for anyone looking to detox, de-stress or simply unwind with their friends and family. We will energise you, invigorate your senses, and cleanse your body and mind.


FREE 90 minutes Parenie Masterclass

Celebrate the 8th World Wellness Weekend with us and enjoy FREE 90 minutes Parenie Masterclass at Banya No.1 - Hoxton

During this session you will learn how to steam in an authentic steam room and learn the basic principles of parenie. Our professional Steam masters will teach you:

• Choosing the broom

• Getting the steam room ready

• Working with steam

• Simple and complex movements

• H&S during parenie treatment

You will also enjoy a professional aroma steam session and relax and recharge in a comfortable environment and a pleasant company of our professional team.

Master class includes:

• 60 minutes in a private banya "Taiga"

• Training session with professional Steam masters including theory and practical training

• Aroma steam session carried out by out Steam masters

• Aromatic herbal tea

You will be able to extend your session and order food, drinks or additional treatments from our spa menu.

*All extras charged separately


20 September 2024 / 10am

21 September 2024 / 10am

If you would like to attend, please send your request to

Private Banya Experience for two

Unique Spa Experience. Special Treatment Package for Couples – treat yourself and your loved one by sharing an authentic Wellness Experience.

Offer included

  • 2-hour Private Banya Taiga hire*

  • Aroma steam session for two

  • 2 Parenie treatments

  • 2 Honey & Salt Scrubs

  • Herbal Tea

* Taiga facilities

– Log cabin steam room

– Bucket showers

– Plunge pool

– Changing rooms

– Hot stone treatments room

– Massage room for 2

– Private dining area

Banya No.1 - First Authentic Banya & Wellness Spa experience in London.

Parenie - Invigorating thermal treatment using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs.

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From £340

Public Banya Experience - Package No.1

What is included?

  • 3-hour session with your own booth with a table at Rest & Relaxation lounge cafe.

  • Parenie - Invigorating thermal treatment using leafy and fragrant bundles of birch, oak and eucalyptus twigs. It boosts your blood circulation, relieves tension and stress and it’s a very good cardio-vascular exercise.

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From £75

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